It’s Time To Get A Life

Introducing a lifestyle magazine blog for academics

More fun than Faculty Council.

— Dr T on the launch of Academic Chic.
It’s time that someone helped academics to get a life.

Welcome to Academic Chic, the lifestyle blog for Academics.

We spend so much time in the books, in the lab, writing grants, sitting in meetings, teaching, and judging people’s grammar on Twitter that we lose sight of the important things in life. In fact, we often have difficulty adapting to life outside the academy because outside of the academy, very few people care at all about citation formats, the Oxford comma, and Reviewer #2. It can be a scary experience.

We’re here to help.

Drop by the AC Blog to find out what’s new in sarcasm, music, bourbon, office décor, coffee, university policies, and the world-at-large. We’re here to help you get a life, or at least, have the semblance of a life so that your friends and family stop thinking you are so weird.

Welcome, Friend. There’s no judgment here. Unless you do not use the Oxford comma.

3 thoughts on “It’s Time To Get A Life

  1. I so so impressed to be included in your mailing list of ‘academics.’ I swear allegiance to the Oxford comma- do I know what it is?? Of course; I did my RESEARCH as I am an ACADEMIC.

    I am up on Georgian Bay with Doug but I think of you often. I will be back in Toronto in early August- which actually is soon. The dates get away on me. Let me know if you are around and can meet at a cafe somewhere now that IT IS LEGAL again.

    I trust that you are well and having much needed time off. Doug is just making me an Margarita to sip by the water:) Hugs, Joanne



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