Dr T Reviews: The Chair

Note: This review was meant to be satirical. But the academic in me could not resist exploring some themes in The Chair. I couldn’t help it. I wrote a quasi-serious review. I promise there will be another review because The Chair does a wonderful job of capturing the hair styles of academia so well, and […]

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The Future of Offices

The newest trend in academic offices draws on old traditions of intergenerational cohabitation. “The idea,” explains Provost Peanut-Buttere of Great White Northern University (GWNU), “is to pair experienced and newer faculty members together in a single office to build networks of support and comaraderie.” In other words, professors are sharing offices. But Provost Peanut-Buttere is […]

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Get lost.

With the pandemic making most travel impossible, many colleagues have turned to camping as a way to escape and to enjoy some rest and relaxation. Or at least, I assume that they are camping because they cannot do anything else. What else would possess someone to leave their comfortable homes, complete with beds and indoor […]

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Events: Reading Week

Here in at the Great White North U., we are just wrapping up Reading Week. Ah, Reading Week. How I longed for your arrival. The plans I had for you! And how you are gone, cruelly too soon. What do we do on Reading Week? What are we supposed to do? (Those two things are […]

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The Gym

Health and wellness is important, according to our HR department. Dr T heads to the gym and reports back.

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It’s Time To Get A Life

More fun than Faculty Council. — Dr T on the launch of Academic Chic. It’s time that someone helped academics to get a life. Welcome to Academic Chic, the lifestyle blog for Academics. We spend so much time in the books, in the lab, writing grants, sitting in meetings, teaching, and judging people’s grammar on […]

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